Mansions Jealousy? Nadia Buari Displays Plush Home Interior After Jackie’s Reported 2 New Mansions

So, finally, we at least got a gist of where Jackie Appiah has been cashing in since the movie industry/roles are currently dry. It was reported that A-List award-winning actress Jackie Appiah has added two mansions to her already existing ones. Since we have not seen it with our eyes, we’ll accept it as truth and congratulate her on making inroads in the real estate boom in Accra.

Real estate in Accra has made money for investors in the last 3years. A plot of land purchased in Gbawe(Accra) 7years ago for $15k (GHS60,000) will now sell for $150k (GHS900,000)

Jackie has been exhibiting the plush life a lot of dry industry actresses would wish for. Talk of the cars, exotic venues, and pimped-up photos flooding our Instagram feed from her. You would imagine that, as covid hit movie premieres hard, that would slow Jackie down, but no. She has continued her philanthropic work and kept up her appearance like the star she is. All sponsored by her endorsement deals and rent money from her apartments.

It is in this light that we got our sweet eyes fed today when another A-List actress Nadia Buari posted photos of herself in a plush home advising us to water our green grass. Nadia took to Instagram to drive home the adage that, “there is no greener pastures anywhere but the one you make green yourself”. We will acknowledge the fact that she has watered her green grass and it’s looking fine for us to see.

Good advice but we are not buying it. The timing for this advice is suspect as she didn’t show us a photo of just herself but of the larger interior of the apartment she was in. An interior we must admit is super modern, comfortable, homely, and beautiful. Looks like Jackie has set the tone and we may as well get ready for “mansionsGram” in the coming weeks.
What do you think of the apartment? Nice? Do you think it’s her own place? Comments are welcomed.

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