Meet Cpl. Simon Padi Narh: The Prison Officer Turned Rap Musician

In the world of music, there are often unique stories that capture our attention and challenge our perceptions. Meet Cpl. Simon Padi Narh, also known as “Young Paddy,” a correctional officer who has found his passion and talent in the realm of rap music. Breaking stereotypes and pursuing his dreams, Young Paddy is a testament to the power of following one’s passion, no matter the circumstances.


Cpl. Simon Padi Narh, A correctional officer stationed at the Medium Security Prison, Nsawam. Hails from Agormanya, in the Eastern Region of Ghana, has dedicated his life to serving as a correctional officer. Working within the confines of a prison, Cpl. Padi Narh witnesses firsthand the struggles and challenges faced by those incarcerated. However, he has also discovered a way to connect with people through a different medium: music.

The Journey:

Young Paddy’s journey into the world of rap music began as a creative outlet to express his thoughts and emotions beyond the prison walls. Inspired by the stories and experiences he encountered daily, he started penning lyrics that reflected the realities of life, both inside and outside the prison system.

At first, his music was a personal endeavor, a way to process the complexities of his job. However, as he shared his compositions with colleagues and friends, their positive feedback and encouragement fueled his passion further. Recognizing the potential impact of his words, Young Paddy decided to take his music to a wider audience with songs such as Bibia beye fine, Ene mu nn3, Comot Ur Eye, Onyame Nsa Wom, Yabr3 Papa, Jah Dey, Word, The Message, 2021, Win among others.

Balancing Dual Roles:

Juggling the demanding responsibilities of a correctional officer and pursuing a music career is no easy feat. Young Paddy must strike a delicate balance between his two worlds. While his primary duty is maintaining order and ensuring the safety of those under his care, he dedicates his free time to honing his musical craft.

Through his songs, Young Paddy aims to shed light on the realities of life behind bars, the struggles of rehabilitation, and the importance of second chances. His lyrics resonate with listeners, providing a unique perspective on the justice system and the human experience.

Impact and Future Aspirations:

Young Paddy’s music has garnered attention not only within the correctional community but also among music enthusiasts. His ability to bridge the gap between his roles as a prison officer and a rap artist has sparked conversations about the power of art in promoting empathy and understanding.

Looking ahead, Young Paddy hopes to use his music to inspire change within the correctional system. He believes that by promoting dialogue and understanding, society can work towards effective rehabilitation and reduce recidivism rates. He aspires to collaborate with other musicians, organizations, and policymakers to bring attention to the importance of prisoner rehabilitation and to break down societal stereotypes.


Cpl. Simon Padi Narh, aka Young Paddy, is a unique and inspiring individual who defies expectations. Balancing the demanding role of a correctional officer with his passion for rap music, he has found a way to connect with others and shed light on the complexities of the prison system. Through his music, Young Paddy strives to make a positive impact, promoting understanding and change within the correctional community and beyond. His story serves as a reminder that pursuing one’s passion can lead to unexpected and transformative journeys.

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