My children were sacked over school fees – Nacee

With the status of being a renowned gospel musician and sound engineer in Ghana, one may think that Nacee had everything going for him, but that is far from reality.

In a heartfelt revelation about his life beyond fame, Nacee, born Nana Osei, candidly spoke about how he became frustrated at a time in his life when he couldn’t fulfill his financial obligations.

Like many other parents in Ghana, the musician said there were times his children were sacked from school because they owed school fees.

He said the financial struggle became dire to the point where he often found himself uncertain about his next meal, and how he would provide for his family.

“It got to a point in the industry I faced serious financial struggles. My children were sacked from school over fees. I had no one to rely on; no sibling or relative. Everything was just me. I tried my best and my wife also helped.”

Despite what seemed to be a no-win situation, Nacee said he did not give up, confident of God’s assurance to feed his flock as a good shepherd.

A breakthrough came for him from a man who plays a father figure in his life. The man supported him immensely financially and spiritually until his demise.

Nacee was taken over with emotions while narrating the experience, adding he never expected to get to such a low point in life.

This, he said, inspired his latest song, Aseda [Thanksgiving] which is doing tremendously well on chart tables.

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