Northern Regional House of Chiefs declare enskinment of Mahama Sumani null and void

The Judicial Committee of the Northern Regional House of chiefs has unanimously declared the enskinment of Mahama Sumani as the chief of Karaga null and void.

The Committee stated that Sumani’s enskinment goes contrary to the norms and cultural practices of the people of Dagbon.

The Committee has also given the former Regent, Mahama Sumani a 48-hour ultimatum to vacate the Karaga palace to make way for the legitimate chief enskinned by Ya Na Abukari II.

Two years ago, the overlord of Dagbon, Ya Na Abukari II, enskinned Na Nantomag Abdulai as Kari Na, however, his enskinment was opposed by some groups in the Karaga traditional area who were not pleased with the overlord’s decision.

They further went ahead to enskin the regent as the chief against the authority of the overlord.

In order to ensure a peaceful resolution, the enskinned chief by the Ya Na petitioned the Judicial Committee of the Northern Regional House of Chiefs.

In a ruling given on Tuesday, January 10 at the Regional House of Chiefs, the Committee unanimously ruled that the petitioner, Na Nantomag Abdulai was duly nominated and enskinned in accordance with Dagbon custom and tradition.