Obinim ‘attacks’ Kwame Despite’s UTV for publishing fake news about him

The founder of International God’s Way church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has lambasted persons in charge of United Television (UTV) for publishing fake news about him.

According to him, had it not been for the fact that Dr. Ofori Sarpong, who happens to be his relative is a close ally to the owner of UTV, Osei Kwame Despite, he would have taken action against the media entity for tarnishing his image.

He stated that there was a time when UTV published news about him from a video that was sent to them by an unknown individual but they refused to contact him on the issue and they went ahead to broadcast it.

In a video shared by OB TV and posted by entertainment blogger, Zionfelix, Bishop Daniel Obinim expressed his dismay at employees of UTV for publishing fake news about him without listening to his side of the story.

“I know UTV published fake news about me. If not for the fact that Dr. Ofori Sarpong, who is my brother and a family member who comes before my mother, I would have dealt with UTV ruthlessly. I know he is a friend of Kwame Despite too that’s why.

“How can you publish things I have not said because of a video you had without contacting me to find out me first? They are aware that Ofori Sarpong is my brother so they could have even called him to confirm but they didn’t,” he fumed.

In making his claims, Bishop Daniel Obinim did not pinpoint the particular news that UTV published about him that was not true and marred his image.

Obinim has recently taken on persons and some of the media outlets that publish news about him that he deems were not true but were meant to attack his personality.

UTV is yet to respond to Obinim’s claims of fake news being published about him.

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