Photos: Black Sherif partners Italian fashion brand Ellesse for clothing collection

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian music star, Mohammed Ismail Sherif popularly known as Black Sherif has partnered with Italian fashion brand Ellesse to introduce the Santoria 2023 Men’s Collection.

This unique collaboration combines music, fashion, and culture, offering a fresh take on luxury clothing.

The Santoria 2023 Men’s Collection was unveiled on September 12, 2023, and it reflects Ellesse’s dedication to its Italian heritage dating back to 1959. Each piece in the collection is carefully crafted to exude timeless elegance.

Adding a touch of the Ghanaian style to this collection, Black Sherif features as the face of the artistic project.

His latest EP, featuring the track “YAYA,” sets the tone for this collaboration.

In a trending photos that showcases the Ellesse Santoria 2023 Men’s Collection, Black Sherif was seen wearing a striking green and white tracksuit from the collection, holding a dog on a leash in front of an elegant mansion. Another scene shows him with pigtails while playing chess.

Fans and fashion enthusiasts have been excitedly sharing their admiration for Black Sherif’s stylish presentation on social media, highlighting the successful fusion of style and music.

Fashion and music often come together in marketing, but the Ellesse and Black Sherif collaboration is a milestone for Ghanaian music and its fashion scene as well, especially in the international scene.

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