PPP insists on independent auditors for election results

PPPThe Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) is calling for independent auditors to audit and transmit the elections results in the upcoming general elections.


Ghana goes to the polls on November 7 to elect a President and Members of Parliament, but there have been concerns about the readiness of the Electoral Commission for the national exercise.

The Electoral Commission recently published a request for expression of interest in providing ICT services for the November 2016 elections which is aimed at transmitting results directly from the polling stations to the National Coalition Center as well as the constituency coalition centers.

But the PPP is not convinced by this initiative because the expression of interest did not include auditors.

Chairman of the party, Mr. Brew Hammond, speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise hosted by Winston Amoah insisted the Electoral Commission should include independent auditors in the expression of interest.

“Since 1992 we have never published any of our election results even for our academic institutions to do research on them.

“We are appealing to the Electoral Commission and to the people of Ghana that including an independent auditor in the design of our ICT system will be beneficial to the people of Ghana and to the integrity of the results as it is released.

“We would all like to avoid a disputed election again like we did in 2012 and the only way to do this is to have independent auditors ensuring that the numbers being transmitted are not being tampered with”.
Source: Nana Afrane Asante | tv3network.com | Ghana

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