President Mahama now spokesperson for EC & ECG – Aspiring MP

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An aspiring Member of Parliament for Wassa East, Wilson Arthur, has lashed out at President John Mahama, saying the President’s posture suggests he is now the mouthpiece for the Electoral Commission and the Electricity Company of Ghana.

“President Mahama behaves he is the PRO of the ECG and EC because he always speaks for such institutions,” the New Patriotic Party candidate said on Onua FM’s morning show, Yen Sempa, on Friday.

Mr. Arthur was commenting on the statement delivered by President Mahama last Wednesday at the Eid-Ul-Fitr celebrations where explained some developments in the energy sector regarding the ECG, and also asked people to allow the EC to do its work without harassment.

“The ECG bills have been made more transparent. So that you can tell with every unit you buy how much the value of the unit is. It is not a subsidy. It is a re-alignment of the billing system that makes it possible for us to able to know how much we are spending on electricity.

“I believe the Electoral Commission should be left in peace to do its work, this harassment is not necessary. Why do we sit in IPAC and confer with the Electoral Commission and our peers in IPAC and then we come out and do manifestations and other things and say it is our way or it is the highway. If we don’t have our way then nobody must have his way, I mean it really doesn’t help anybody” President Mahama said in his Eid-Ul-Fitr address.

But Mr. Arthur argues the utterances by the President tend to suggest he is the public relations officer for the two institutions, noting the President is interfering in the affairs of the ECG and the EC.

“President Mahama should leave that communication to the various public affairs directorates to communicate to the public and not interfere in their communications”.

He added: “I don’t see the vision for this country. I have not seen any vision under President Mahama and this is what he must focus on than to serve as PRO for government institutions”.

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