Prophet Azuka appears before Asantehemaa over controversial curse on Kofi Pages

The ongoing social media feud between Prophet Azuka and Ghanaian Tiktoker Kofi Pages has taken a serious turn, as Kofi Pages’ family has decided to bring the matter before local chiefs.

The animosity between Kofi Pages and Prophet Azuka began a few weeks ago during a live TikTok session when Kofi Pages joined Azuka’s live stream.

The exchange escalated quickly when Kofi Pages publicly accused Prophet Azuka of being a fake prophet and launched a barrage of insults, accusing him of deceiving unsuspecting Ghanaians.

In the aftermath of their live altercation, Prophet Azuka resorted to a late-night live stream, where he allegedly cursed Kofi Pages and his entire family, intensifying the feud.

However, Kofi Pages’ family did not take these curses lightly. They issued a stern threat to summon Prophet Azuka before Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu, the paramount chief of the Ashanti Kingdom.

As it turns out, this was not an idle threat. Kofi Pages’ family has followed through on their promise and has indeed brought Prophet Azuka before the Asantehemaa, a high-ranking female chief, in a bid to resolve the ongoing conflict.

In a video shared online by Opemsuo Radio, both parties were seen presenting their sides of the story before the Asantehemaa.

Kofi Pages’ family came prepared, providing evidence in the form of a video recording that captured the heated exchange between Azuka and Kofi Pages before the curses were cast.

The chief at the palace also interrogated the family of Kofi Pages to get full details of why their son decided to supposedly test Azuka.

While all these things happened, Azuka stood, ideally with a microphone in his hands, as he listened on.

In the end, Prophet Azuka admitted that he erred and accepted that the family of Kofi Pages was right.

He eventually knelt down to apologize to the Asantehemaa and the chiefs gathered at the palace together with his junior pastors.

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