Quables Unveils Reasons Behind Afronita’s Departure from DWP Academy

Quables, co-founder of DWP Academy, has recently disclosed some issues he encountered with Afronita, ultimately resulting in her departure from the group.

During an interview with Kwadwo Sheldon, he revealed that Afronita’s mother objected to him managing another dancer, Endurance Grand, who is also part of the academy.

Despite offering a contract, both Afronita and her mother refused to sign it. Quables explained that he had treated Afronita like family but couldn’t meet her mother’s expectations which included buying clothes for her.

He confirmed that Afronita was paid for her work, but her mother insisted she wouldn’t continue if Endurance was managed. Quables clarified that Afronita’s mother directly conveyed this to him.

“They didn’t want to sign the contract, I got fed up and stopped pursuing it but i literally took the girl like my sister.

“Her mom told me people tell her this is what a manager is supposed to do and that I’ve bought clothes for her daughter only once . I’m like I’m not supposed to be buying clothes for your daughter.”

“Aside this, I was told that if I’ll manage Endurance then her daughter will not do it again,” he continued.

Furthermore, he mentioned receiving requests to stop assigning Afronita’s jobs to Endurance.

“And when people call you, stop giving Afronita’s job to Endurance,” he added.

Following her departure from DWP Academy, Afronita has recently launched her own dance company, ‘Afro Star Kids Academy.’


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