Regine Garnier tops her number 1 USA radio single with new release

Many musicians hope to break the “glass ceiling” and break into various socio-cultural markets with their music.  This dream happens to be reality for Regine Garnier, whose second single “Rude boy” peaked to number 1 on USA radio station Radio Beat 94.7
That however fails to be her only achievement, as she has appeared at the London Fashion Week as a model and Performer and featured in a shelve of magazines, including Oceana Magazine, BRPP Magazine and Siyonnaj Magazine, to name a few.
The singer, song/writer, model and actress hails from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe and moved to the French capital of Paris where she began her high school education.
Regine Garnier later moved to London to pursue her career in music and has made some amazing strides with her art.
Her latest single, is an attempt to capture her audience in a bubble of excitement. Her Island heritage seems to automatically bring the waves of crystal beaches to the sound. Regine is able to turn her voice into an instrument, that leads us along the line of her lyrics as we sway with the vibe.
She released the single titled “Body Busy” on digital platforms and is hoping to do amazing streaming numbers.
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