Sam George Celebrates Passage of Anti-LGBTQ Bill

Ningo Prampram MP, Samuel Nartey George, a vocal proponent of the Promotion of Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, celebrated the bill’s passage on February 28.
Sharing his joy on Instagram and X app, he posted images with a caption expressing gratitude for the three-year effort. He acknowledged fellow sponsors, praised leadership, and thanked the Rt. Hon. Speaker for guidance.

The legislation, known as the Human Sexual Rights & Family Values Act 2024, went through exhaustive consideration stages before lawmakers finally approved it. The legislation not only prohibits LGBT activities but also makes it a criminal offense to promote, advocate, or fund such actions. Those involved could potentially be subjected to a 6-month to 3-year imprisonment, with promoters and sponsors facing sentences ranging from 3 to 5 years.

Social media erupted with congratulatory messages, recognizing Sam George’s persistence in championing the bill. The controversial legislation has sparked discussions about the protection of values, emphasizing the ongoing debate on LGBTQ rights in the region.

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