Sarkodie was forced to ditch Efya for Tracy after impregnating her – An insider

Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” has generated a lot of revelations and controversies for Ghana rapper, Sarkodie.

Sarkodie appears to have secretly dated many notable women in showbiz, from Yvonne Nelson, Efya Nokturnal and among undisclosed names.

Not only has he dated them, apparently, he was close getting marry to singer Efya Nokturnal, according some insiders are to be believed.

Yvonne Nelson exposing Sarkodie in her book is bringing a ton of skeletons out of the closet.

In her memoir, I Am Not Yvonne Nelson, the actress revealed how Sarkodie dated her back in 2010. According to her, she got pregnant and Sarkodie asked her to abort it as he wasn’t ready to become a father.

Yvonne says Sarkodie drove her to the clinic for the procedure then left and never came back or contacted her again!

Yvonne goes on to add Sark was dating Tracy Sarckess at the time without her knowledge as she was outside the country studying.

Amidst all these revelations, Sarkodie’s wife Tracy has also started taking some stray bullets.

A netizen claims Sarkodie’s true love back then was Efya Nokturnal and he wanted to marry her but her behaviour simply made it difficult to sell her to his family as ‘wife material’.

Sarkodie also apparently impregnated Tracy at the time and her family forced him to marry her.

Reacting to that claim, a fan wrote: “Amongst his numerous girls, Efya according to that person, happens to be the one girl Sark really loves but considering Efya’s nature, his family were going to see her “not a wife material” so Sark wasn’t considering settling down until pressure was applied, especially after Titi was born.

“As I keep saying, most men are married to women they don’t love. Their real loves are out there and they’ll continue to enjoy life together, whiles the ones society calls decent, are kept home as wives.”

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