Several shops at Hohoe Central Market razed by fire

Several shops were razed down by fire in the early hours of Sunday at the Hohoe Central Market.

The fire according to some residents started at a corn and fufu mill shop at 4:30 am, spreading to nearby shops.

Efforts to douse the fire by residents proved futile as fire tenders of the Ghana National Fire Service in Hohoe reportedly broke down when a call was placed to the service.

The cause of the fire is not readily known.

Fire outbreaks in the country for the year 2022 were almost a daily occurrence for the first half of the year with the Ghana Fire Service registering 4,467 fire outbreaks.

The month of December 2022 recorded 44 fires on Christmas Day making it one of the worst days of 2022.

The Service recorded 191 outbreaks in the first week of January 2023.

And as part of measures to limit the damage caused by fire outbreaks, the Fire Service hinted it is rolling out a mandatory policy for vehicles to carry functioning fire extinguishers at all times.