Shatta Wale gifts cash to man who found missing GHS100K and returned it

Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale has, out of the goodness of his heart, decided to gift a man for his act of integrity.

As reported by Adom FM, a currently unemployed man made a remarkable discovery when he found a polythene bag containing over GH¢100,000, a key, and an ID card in the backseat of a taxi he had taken from the Mobile filling station at Nima to Abossey Okai.

This good Samaritan chose not to keep the discovered items for himself and instead, he delivered them to the studios of Adom FM, initiating efforts to locate the rightful owner.

When questioned about why he did not consider keeping the significant amount of money, especially given his current unemployed status, he explained that it went against his principles and values. He felt compelled to do the right thing, emphasizing that this is how he was raised.

The story, shared by Ghanaian blogger Sika Official, who recently received the Twitter Influencer of the Year award at the Pulse Influencer of the Year event, has attracted the attention of a Ghanaian Dancehall star. This artist has pledged to provide the gentleman with GH3000 in recognition of his honesty and integrity.

Commenting on the post by the blogger, Shatta Wale said “if Ghanaians will be truthful like this , Good people will always approach them ..I AM SO TOUCHED GUYS Please guys tag @Adom1063fm and let them know I am sending 3000ghc to this good Samaritan of a driver and also Employ him to work with shaxi if he only he is a professional driver or even if he’s got a qualification that can give him a position in our office .. what he did just touched me. God bless you good Ghanaians”.

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