Tax prostitutes, weed sellers too – ‘Sarcastic’ Afia Schwarzenegger tells GRA

Controversial Ghanaian media personality and socialite, Afia Schwarzenegger, has called on the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to tax prostitutes and weed sellers after announcing its decision to collect tax from other menial jobs.

According to her, the decision by the GRA to tax bloggers, influencers, and Masters of Ceremonies (MCs) is quite unfortunate; hence, other menial jobs in the country should equally be taxed.

The controversial socialite, in a sarcastic post, said the Ghana Revenue Authority should tax weed sellers, prostitutes, and coffin makers because their professions are equally relevant as those being planned to be taxed.

“I have heard that GRA wants to tax influencers, MCs, and bloggers. We have heard. But please GRA, when will you tax prostitutes and weed sellers? If you go to the Dome Crossing, the amount of money passes there [by weed sellers].

“When will you tax weed sellers, bouncers (macho men), and coffin makers? you want to tax MCs, is that a job that we collect tax? We want an answer on when you’ll tax prostitutes and weed sellers. We want an answer because some jobs are not as valuable as others,” Afia Schwarzenegger said in a video posted on her Instagram page.

Her reaction comes following the announcement of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) that bloggers, influencers, and Masters of Ceremonies would be taxed, which raised eyebrows among some Ghanaians.

Many said the government did not put to use the monies generated from the Electronic Transfer Levy, otherwise known as E-Levy, yet other taxes have been introduced to rake in revenue for the state.

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