“Ministry of Transport has absolutely no power to ask the Police to arrest drivers” – Joyce Bawah Mogtari

The former Deputy Transport Minister, Joyce Bawah Mogtari, has raised objections to the Ministry’s move to authorize the arrest of private transport drivers who have raised fares, arguing that the Ministry lacks the authority to do so.

She argues that while fuel prices continue to increase, drivers should be allowed to modify fares as needed. Mogtari is skeptical of the Ministry’s directive, issued on April 15, which instructs the Ghana Police Service to monitor and apprehend drivers charging fares exceeding approved rates.

In response to drivers’ concerns about the need for fare increases due to rising fuel prices, the Ministry has highlighted ongoing negotiations for new public transport fares with Road Transport Operators.

Joyce Bawah Mogtari’s statement, reflected in a post on X on April 16, questions the Ministry’s authority and emphasizes the complexities of addressing fare adjustments in response to economic fluctuations.
She stated, “The Transport Minister or is it the Ministry of Transport has absolutely no power to ask the Police to arrest drivers of private vehicles who have increased fares because of the recent increase in fuel prices!”


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