Torrential rains halt business and movement in Accra

File PhotoTraders as well as school children in Accra have made a passionate appeal to the government to devise measures that would mitigate the impact of the rains.

A number of people, including workers, were stranded at some major lorry stations in Accra in the early hours of Monday as a result of the downpour.

When the Onua News team visited some of the worst affected areas, it was observed that the robust business activity that the Kaneshie Transport Station is noted for had halted.

A number of people who dared to make their way through the flooded area cautiously removed their footwear to avoid slipping into a gully.

Some young men, who know the terrain, took advantage of the situation to carry people on their back cross the scary drains for some few coins.

Commercial drivers and their mates at Kaneshie were not left out of the frustration as the situation caused their business to slow down.

In an interview with Onua News, a commercial driver who gave his name only as Bismark indicated that the situation at Kaneshie has persisted for decades but authorities have failed to take appropriate measures to rectify it.

“It is extremely scary whenever the rain falls and you have your shop or house at Kaneshie. One always sleeps with one eye open whenever the rains begin showering here. Businesses come to a standstill, and as drivers we have to park our cars and wait for the rains to come down before we continue with our work,” he bemoaned.

The situation was not different at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

The traders there revealed to Onua News that the disaster that occurred last year June 3, has left them traumatized and prayed against a recurrence.

“Although the government is devising ways to drench the Odawna River, we still have that fear factor that what happened last year would occur again,” one trader said.
Houses and businesses at Abossey Okai and Mallam Junction were not spared from the rains as properties worth millions of cedis being lost to the flood.


Source: Emmanuel Tawiah Forson |Onua FM | Ghana

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