Video: Akrobeto forces market women to read the ‘Real News’

Ghanaian actor and TV host Akwasi Boadi popularly known as Akrobeto has taken his TV show the ‘Real News’ to a new level after hitting up a market to get market women to read the news.

UTV ‘Real News’ host, Akrobeto reads the news in his limited English and has been making Ghanaians laugh for years with his corrupted and hilarious pronunciations of English words.

The show has even gone international at times, with several viral videos of Akrobeto reading the news in his broken English going viral worldwide, particularly during the pandemic.

In a new twist on things, Akrobeto has now decided to rope in market women to join his news team.

The UTV host stormed a market and chose select market women to read the news to the public.

Predictably, this led to similarly hilarious results to when Akrobeto himself reads the news.

Reacting to the video, social media users praised Akrobeto and said that he’s far better based on what the market women are doing.

“My father who nose tomorrow is better than this woman 😂😂😂,” one netizen wrote.

Another added: “Oh Awurade Jesus Christ grant 🤲🤲🤲 me this confident some 🤣,”

Watch the hilarious video below;

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