Video: Hajia4Reall Spotted on Union College Campus After Pleading Guilty To Scamming

Yes, Say whaaat!. Mona 4 Real has started her correctional sentence pre-trail. She has enrolled herself at Union College in New York. Purposefully to conform to the technicalities of her plea bargain, she has to go through a process of reformation to prove to the judge that, she will be willing to be a good citizen.

Montrage voluntarily faced the charges in the Southern District of New York, acknowledging her role in an illicit scheme carefully executed by a West African criminal enterprise spanning from 2013 to 2019.

The video was spotted on her hype channel “GHHyper” The video is supposed to shame all persons who are not in favor of her reformation in the United States. It read:

Sayy What!

Despite the skepticism of Ghanaians, Hajia 4 Real is spotted on the campus of Union College where she’s going about her duties as a student.

When we said Hajia was still going to school, haters jumped into the comments to do their usual hating, but facts are facts.

Some Ghanaians will always hate but Mona is just concentrated on being the best student possible and completing her courses. The vitriol on social media is her back case.

So what will people say next? She’s in school and you’re sitting online saying what you don’t know. Thank the Most High that haters are not God!

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