[ VIDEO ] Legendary comic actor Judas reacts to Yvonne Nelson’s memoir ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’

A video of legendary Ghanaian comic actor Abusuapanyin Judas reading Yvonne Nelson’s memoir has gone viral, with viewers finding his reactions to the book’s content hilarious.

In the video, Judas is seen engrossed in one of the book’s pages, his face contorted in various expressions of shock, disbelief, and amusement.

At one point, he even breaks into laughter, prompting viewers to wonder if he is actually able to read the text.

The video has been met with a wave of memes and humorous comments, with many people praising Judas for his unintentional comedic timing. Others have expressed their appreciation for the actor’s willingness to poke fun at himself, even as he is the subject of ridicule.

Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, titled “I,” has been a subject of controversy since its release. The actress, renowned for her candid and outspoken nature, documented her life experiences, achievements, and struggles in the book, offering readers a glimpse into her personal journey.

While opinions on the memoir vary, the unintentional comedic twist brought by Abusuapanyin Judas has added a new dimension of entertainment and amusement to the book’s reception.

The video has also sparked a conversation about the role of humor in Ghanaian society. Some people have argued that the video is a harmless example of Ghanaians’ ability to laugh at themselves, while others have expressed concern that it reinforces negative stereotypes about Ghanaians’ intelligence.

Ultimately, the video of Abusuapanyin Judas reading Yvonne Nelson’s memoir is a reminder of the power of humor to bring people together.

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Whether you find it funny or not, there is no denying that the video has captured the attention of Ghanaians and people around the world.

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