Video: Mohbad was allegedly buried alive as fresh blood was spotted in his coffin with no smell

The Nigerian police have finally exhumed the body of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad, attracting residents and onlookers to the burial site to witness the empty grave.

However, there have been mixed reactions and controversy surrounding the singer’s death, with many alleging that he was not actually dead when he was buried.

One of the onlookers at the grave site could be heard saying, ‘There’s really no foul smell coming from the grave after 9 days of burial, as one would expect if he had actually been dead for over seven days,’ which was also confirmed by some others present. Some even alleged seeing fresh blood on the coffin.

The sudden demise of Mohbad took the whole wide world into a state of frenzy with fans and loved ones calling for thorough investigations to be done around his death. Many also called for the arrest of his father who forced and rushed for his earlier burial for reasons yet to be ascertained.

The netizens hope the Nigerian police conduct a thorough investigation and bring to justice those responsible for this heinous act.

Watch the short video to confirm these claims about Mohbad being buried alive.

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