Video: Popular Tiktoker Aba Dope discloses her reason for bleaching

Popular Ghanaian TikTok star and Nurse Aba Dope, who has rocketed to fame in recent weeks, has opened up about not only has she had surgery done on her body but she’s actually bleached her skin as well.

Speaking in her recent interview on the Delay’s Show with host Deloris Frimpong Manso, Aba Dope disclosed that she decided to bleach due to being told she was ugly by a teacher in secondary school and also lost her lover.

Narrating what went down, Aba Dope said she had belatedly decided to join a beauty pageant but her teacher pulled her out.

She said the teacher said she should join the choir to sing bass instead of joining the modeling group.

According to her, this was because back when she was dark she looked masculine, almost like a transgender.

However, bleaching has made her beauty come out spectacularly.

Aba Dope actually left Delay in stitches with her matter-of-fact narration of the reason she bleached.

Watch full interview below…

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