Video: “Lazy” or “Being Real”? Young Ghana Boy advises his fellow hustlers to Target the old white women abroad

A young Ghanaian man has given out a free ‘apor’ to his fellows in Ghana on how to easily make it when they get the chance to travel abroad to seek greener pastures.

According to the young man in a viral video, the best way for a person especially men to easily achieve overseas is to target the old white women.

He went on to explain that, women like to be shown love and care, hence the guys should give them a lot of attention which will make them fall in love with the guys.

He also advised them to be real on their social media handles, especially on Facebook because that is where most of the old women monitor.

Another thing he added is that the Ghanaian men who want to use this method should be committed to being in a relationship with these old women for up to ten years so they can gain enough.

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