Visually impaired Jessika Inaba becomes UK’s first blind black barrister in ‘truly remarkable’ achievement

Visually impaired young woman, Jessika Inaba, 23, who’s from Camden in North London, has made history in the United Kingdom by becoming the first black and blind barrister in the country.

A woman has smashed through the ‘triple-glazed glass ceiling’ to become Britain’s first blind and Black barrister, in an achievement that has been described as ‘truly remarkable.

Jessikah Inaba qualified last week after studying for five years at a university in London using Braille.

Braille is a method that uses raised dots for writing, and with the help of friends and tutors, Jessika managed to complete her studies despite her blindness.

She started her law degree in 2017 and later pursued a master’s degree and professional training.

Her hard work paid off, and she quickly joined the United Kingdom Bar, making her one of the few black and blind women to achieve this worldwide, but first in the UK.

Jessika is completely blind due to a condition called Bilateral microphthalmia, which results in smaller-than-usual eyes.

She faced many challenges but never gave up on her dream.

“I’ve always believed in myself, and I know I can do this job well. The more people like me who go through training, the easier it will become for others.” She said.

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