Voters’ Register: NPP raises concern over EC’s rejection of validation

NPPThe New Patriotic Party (NPP) has expressed worry over the raging controversy on the way forward regarding getting an authentic voters’ register for the 2016 elections.

Though it initially demanded a completely new register for the elections, the NPP says since the Electoral Commission (EC) rejected that in favour of a recommendation by its five-member committe, it also goes with the committee’s.

However, there has been controversy over what exactly the committee headed by retired Supreme Court Justice VCRAC Crabbe recommended.

While the NPP insists the five-member panel recommended a process of validation, the EC has denied it.

The Commission says nowhere did the report of the panel mention “validation”.

But at a press conference on Tuesday, April 19, Nana Akomea, the Communications Director of the party, explained that his party’s position is not different from the committee’s as captured in Pages 21 and 22 of the report.

“For the avoidance of any doubt whatsoever, the NPP states unequivocally that the party fully supports the conceded option/recommendation by the EC’S own Panel of experts for cleaning the 2016 voters’ register, whatever the description given the process.”

He said what the committee recommends and what his party’s initial position was is a middle way.

“It will be a matter of grave concern and bewilderment if any obstacles are placed in the way of adopting and implementing this middle way recommended by the EC’s own Panel /Committee of experts.”

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

Twitter: @kwame_amoh

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