“Wee” is a blood tonic; It gives you appetite ” – Jay Bahd 

Ghanaian rapper, Jay Bahd has caused a stir by asserting that smoking marijuana, which is referred to as “wee” in Ghanaian culture, is not a sin and is instead comparable to “mogya duro,” which literally means “blood tonic.”

During an open interview on Ghpage’s Rush Hour Show, the “Odo” hitmaker unapologetically defended the smoking of ‘Wee’, stressing that it should not be deemed a sin but should be seen as a “blood tonic”.

According to the rapper, who’s also a lead member of Asakaa Boys, marijuana should be classified as a “blood tonic” since it increases appetite, which helps one to eat well.

In an effort to make a great point, he compared the use of marijuana to divine wisdom, saying that criticizing its use is the same as doubting God’s wisdom because he created everything and declared it holy for human consumption.

The rapper’s vocal position on marijuana use for recreational purposes clarifies the current discussion about the legalization and social acceptance of cannabis in different countries.

By comparing it to “mogya duro,” he subtly suggests that, for him, smoking marijuana holds a medicinal or therapeutic value rather than being a mere indulgence.

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