Why Mr Logic is suing Lilwin

Ghanaian artist manager Mr. Logic, professionally known as Emmanuel Barnes, is taking legal action against Kumawood actor Lilwin for defamation.

The feud originated when Lilwin publicly accused Mr. Logic of consuming a “weed toffee.” Mr. Logic strongly refuted the claims in an interview with Hit FM’s Andy Dosty, highlighting the potential harm to his professional reputation.

The dispute appears to stem from Mr. Logic’s questioning of Lilwin’s decision to cast Nigerian actors in the unreleased film ‘A Country Called Ghana.’ Speaking on February 22, 2024, Mr. Logic expressed concern about prioritizing Ghanaian actors and stories to uplift the local industry, rather than featuring Nigerians for commercial purposes.

“It’s a good one because of the agenda to get onto Netflix. But to continue doing the same thing for commercial purposes, I don’t think it’s advisable. The Ghanaian movie industry is still under the carpet. So it’s best if he lifts up the industry by lifting up young talents like Fifi Coleman is doing.

“Why are you making a movie named “A Country Called Ghana” and featuring Nigerians in it? We should put Ghanaian actors and stories first, stories that connect with our people,” he said. “It’s about uplifting our own,” he said.

Lilwin’s response to Mr. Logic’s criticism was characterized by insults and teasing, escalating the tensions between the two figures in the entertainment industry.
The legal action initiated by Mr. Logic emphasizes the gravity of such accusations within the entertainment industry.

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