Women Can Wear Trousers – Be Wise With Learning The Bible – Agradaa Fires

Evangelist Mama Pat popularly known as Nana Agradaa has chided persons who are criticizing her for wearing trousers to church and claims that it’s not appropriate.

According to her, individuals who claim to be staunch Christians should come out and give her a quotation to back their claims instead of insulting her for wearing trousers to church.

She argued that the bible frowns upon a woman wearing attire meant for men, however, if the trousers she wears can be worn by women, then it is not a sin as claimed by some persons.

Speaking in a TikTok live monitored by GhanaWeb, Nana Agradaa challenged her critics to come out with precise Bible quotations to support their claims and stop raining insults on her.

She said that Apostle Oko Hackman gave her some Bible quotations but they didn’t address the issue specifically.

“I shared a video to challenge most Christians who are criticizing the wearing of trousers to church. I have seen a lot of messages on my page but I was expecting the people to give me the exact quotation which says women should not wear trousers to church. I’ve made you know that when apply wisdom and knowledge when you’re learning the bible.

“I saw Oko Hackman citing Ecclesiastes 2:3 and 10:13 but when I read it, he was casting insinuation instead of addressing the issue. The Bible tells me that women should wear their outfits and not that of men. So if I wear a trouser that is meant for women, it is not a sin. So the so-called Christians who are insulting me, I don’t care, come out and give the quotation to back your claims,” she said.

Nana Agradaa was criticized after she wore a pair of trousers to preach in her congregation.

Some netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the way she appears in the house of God advising her to stop.

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