Young and Loud Festival: Unleashing Creativity, Advocating Change, and Shaping Futures for Ho’s Youth

The Young and Loud Festival, a ground-breaking initiative of the Young and Safe Project under the Healthy Cities for Adolescent program, is set to launch its inaugural edition on December 16, 2023, at the Mawuli School Campus. This trailblazing event is poised to redefine the city’s cultural scene and herald a celebration of youth creativity while advocating for improved well-being and systemic change. The Young and Loud festival is spearheaded by the Young and Safe Consortium made up of Node Eight, LoveAid Foundation, Ghana Education Service, and the Ho Municipal Assembly.

Advocacy Through Creativity

The Young and Loud Festival is not merely a convergence of art forms; it is a movement. The festival stands tall on its overarching goal: to harness the creative prowess of Ho’s young visionaries, empowering them to drive systemic change that safeguards their wellbeing. Through art, music, technology, and interactive experiences, the festival empowers the next generation to be the catalysts of positive transformation.

Objectives in Focus

At its core, the Young and Loud festival stands on five pivotal pillars:

Creative Advocacy: Empowering the Youth as Agents of Change.
The festival serves as a platform for the youth to channel their creative energies towards advocating for systemic changes impacting their well-being. By harnessing their artistic abilities, participants will be encouraged to address and influence societal issues affecting Ho’s youth, igniting conversations, and fostering solutions.

Talent Recognition and Encouragement
Through the Talent Competition, the festival aims to recognize, celebrate, and encourage outstanding achievements in various creative disciplines. By honouring excellence, Young and Loud Festival seeks to inspire continuous growth and dedication among young artists and creatives.

Networking Opportunities

Young creatives will have exclusive access to established professionals in the creative industries, fostering mentorship, collaborations, and career growth. This networking environment aims to bridge the gap between emerging talents and industry stalwarts, creating pathways for success.

Platform for Talent Showcase

Emerging artists will showcase their talents to a diverse and global audience, providing a launchpad for their creative expressions. From street art exhibitions to live performances, the festival serves as a canvas for innovation, amplifying their voices and visions.

Career Exploration and Future Shaping

The festival seeks to introduce young minds to a plethora of career opportunities within the creative sector, emphasizing the role of technology in shaping the future of these industries. It is an opportunity for attendees to explore the intersections between creativity and technological advancements.

A Multi-Dimensional Celebration

The Young and Loud festival unfolds in two distinct yet complementary parts:

Street Festival: A Canvas of Transformation

The streets of Ho will come alive with vibrant street art, immersive installations, live performances, and interactive exhibits. The city will be transformed into a cultural hub, inviting attendees to experience the beauty and power of creative expression.

Creative Futures Bootcamp and Talent Competition: Inspiring Innovation
The boot camp offers workshops, mentorship sessions, and the highly anticipated Talent Competition where young talents can showcase their skills, gain insights, and be recognized for their exceptional abilities.

Featured Artists

The Young and Loud Festival is delighted to unveil the lineup of exceptional artists set to perform at the event. Prepare to be captivated by the talent and artistry of renowned performers including Keeny Ice, Tuf B, AfroKhelly, Keli Yong, and Dzidegh. Their presence promises to create a vibrant atmosphere, highlighting the diverse creative expressions of Ho’s youth. Get ready to be immersed in an unforgettable experience as these talented artists showcase their extraordinary talents at the Young and Loud Festival.

Young and Loud Festival is not just an event; it is a movement towards a brighter, more empowered youth community. It is an opportunity to witness first-hand the convergence of creativity, advocacy, and innovation.

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