Your corset dress should have been accompanied by paramedics – Charlie Dior tells Selina Boateng

US-based Ghanaian fashion critic, Charlie Dior, shared his thoughts and analysis on Ghanaian gospel singer, Selina Boateng, corset outfit which has since stirred discussions on social media.

Selina Boateng was captured at one of the events he attended in a tight-fitted purple-laced Kente corset, with her waist snatched and seemed as though she was uncomfortable.

In the viral video, the plus-sized gospel singer had her upper section tacked up and her posture looked as though she was gasping for breath.

However, Charley, during his show on YouTube, has described the costume as a hot mess.

He said, Selina should have been accompanied by paramedics to the event she rocked the costume to and this is because of how she was ‘gasping for air’.

“Selina Boateng is a gospel musician. We do not know who styled her, we don’t know who did her makeup or did her hair. We don’t know who did this abomination of a corset. None of this seems to be working because it is a hot mess. I think that this look should have come with the paramedics. There should have been a doctor, nurse, or surgeon on sight with this corset because watching her made me uncomfortable. This gospel musician has been causing a lot of conversations with her looks and gym videos.

“I definitely knew that she was also uncomfortable. The first rule in fashion, in fact in everything is to be safe and Selina wasn’t safe. She did not think about her safety when she put this corset on. I know corsets are in fashion. Everywhere I turn, the brides are all in corsets but it doesn’t mean that everyone needs to be in there. The corset was nice but the way it was styled was wrong. It pushed all her inside up. It was bad. Very bad. Corset mu cadet! Eii! This is unacceptable!” she exclaimed.

Watch the video below:

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