I don’t even have access to my children I raised for 15years – Reggie Zippy cries out

Popular UK-based Ghanaian musician, Reggie Zippy, has asked netizens to understand his plight before judging him for some decisions he has made lately.

Reggie has since been projected as the villain in the story of his divorce, following the magnitude of allegations leveled against him by his wife.

Reggie Zippy’s ex-wife, Edith Ward, said she filed for the divorce based on infidelity, lies, alcohol, and financial abuse among others.

She expressed that for the past two to three years, Reggie had been involved in an extramarital affair with a certain white lady.

She also stated that Reggie had stopped fulfilling his financial obligations to his family, a situation which compelled her to work around the clock just to make ends meet.

But the musician who has since been on a ranting spree and explaining his side of the story, has taken to social media to speak again.

He has asked his detractors not to judge him, adding that he has been through a lot of troubles in his past marriage, particularly, with respect to the custody of his kids.

Reggie said for a while now, a restraining order has prevented him access to his kids whom he had raised for the past fifteen years.

“You want to judge me? That’s alright but wait until you trying to contact your own children you’ve raised for 15 years and more lands you in police custody and any future attempts to contact them whether directly or indirectly could lead to your arrest and imprisonment. I am an innocent good father on bail without any criminal charges, DO YOU KNOW HOW THAT FEELS?

“Let it sink in and STOP JUDGING PEOPLE you know nothing about on social media. I dare you to walk a mile in my shoes and let me know how you get on. MY HEART IS PURE, MY MIND IS STRONG, MY SPIRIT IS UNBREAKABLE AND GOD HAS ALWAYS BEEN ON MY SIDE SO I FEAR NO MAN OR EVIL PLOTS AGAINST ME. ISAIAH 54:17,” he wrote as a caption to a post on Instagram.

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