Talented Kidz Season 7 audition starts in Accra

IMG_218Hundreds of kids from various parts of the nation’s capital Accra converged at the premises of TV3 to be auditioned for the most watched kids reality show, Talented Kidz.

The entertaining but educative programme is one of Ghana’s most patronized reality shows by Adesa Production Limited under the Media General Group.

The annual authentic reality show – Talented Kidz – enters Season 7 and viewers of TV3 should brace themselves for a mindboggling performances from kids across the country in the coming weeks. It would be a real show of natural talents from these promising kids.

Talented Kids features talents of young boys and girls ranging from 7 to 12 years who are on the verge of grooming to become musicians, actors, instrumentalists and many more.

The Accra’s audition is scheduled to end on Sunday.

By tv3network.com

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