8 reasons to date the girl with a complicated past

relationship2You will not be her first love. But maybe, if you are lucky, you can be her last. She has already felt the highs and lows of love. She has experienced a wide spectrum of emotions that life has thrown at her.

She is a challenge – a work in progress of sorts. But if you are willing to step up to the plate and love her right, I can promise you that the girl with the complicated past will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

1. She knows what she wants

There is a good chance that she has been burned in past relationships. Maybe she was the heartbroken, or the heartbreaker herself. The point is with every relationship we find ourselves in, we learn more things about ourselves.

Each relationship is acquainting us a little better with our own heart. With each relationship failure we become increasingly more aware what we want to look for in our future partner. She is not going to be the woman that up and leaves you for someone else – because once she knows what she wants and finds it, she is not going to let it go.

2. She knows pain

She has been there before, she knows how it can hurt like hell. And she will be hellbent to not cause anyone else the kind of pain that she has been through. She will be gentle with your heart, because she knows what it feels like to have your heart well being completely disregarded.

3. She is not going to waste your time

Her past relationships may have left her resentful for the time and efforts she so tirelessly wasted away. If she sees that a relationship isn’t right she will not let it drag on for the sake of saving your feelings. She knows that hanging on too long can be even more painful than letting go in itself.

4. She loves hard

When she finds a man that appreciates her, she will love him with every ounce of her being. She knows what it feels like to be with someone who does not appreciate her. So when she comes across a man that does she will not let him go. She will appreciate him even more because she has spent time with the wrong men. She can recognize a good thing when she has it, because she has been part of some not so good things.

5. She knows what she deserves

No man needs a pushover of a woman – the “yes dear” type that we see in old sitcoms. A woman that simply does as she is told and does not question you, never challenges you. The girl with the complicated past knows how she deserves to be treated, and she is damn sure to let you know when you are not treating her accordingly. She refuses to be your doormat or your emotional dumping ground – she will challenge you. She will make you a better partner, and a stronger man.

6. She is strong

When something has been broken, it rebuilds stronger. This is what has happened with the complicated girl. She has been forced to rebuild herself possibly time and time again. Each time becoming a little bit stronger. She is not invincible, but she is close. She is well aware of her strength and she knows that she doesn’t need you.

7. She only depends on herself

She has put her faith in another man before, and she has been burned. She knows what it’s like to depend on another person besides herself and the extreme disappointment that comes along when they let you down.

She is self-sufficient and knows the only person she can truly count on is herself. She holds her independence above everything else. She will never need you – she is strong and she is self-sufficient. But she will want you.

8. Her love is the lifelong kind

When she finds what she is looking for, it is game over. She is not looking to play immature games with your heart, as she has unwillingly played them before. She is looking for something real, something that she can honor and cherish.

She will challenge you. She will frustrate you. She will make you earn her trust and won’t give away any pieces of herself for free. She will be guarded, but once you break through her walls you will be able to admire her for all that she is.

Like the end of a difficult hike – once arriving at the destination you will be able to stand back and admire all the beauty that she has to offer. All of her past heartbreaks have been building her into the beautifully strong woman that is now standing in front of you.

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