Accra: Faeces greet lawyers, litigants in court

The faeces seeping through the one of the small cesspit chambers

Scores of lawyers who showed up at the new ultra modern court complex in Accra,  were Tuesday morning enveloped by a stench from a leaking faecal matter on the premises.

Faecal matter from one of the small cesspit chambers at the side car park leading to the reserved entrance for lawyers filled the area, something that exuded a strong and very unpleasant smell at the court premises.

The situation created an unpleasant atmosphere at the court premises as both litigants and lawyers who thronged there for their cases had to either hold their breath or cover their noses for few minutes to enter the building.

It is not clear what caused the brownish-looking faecal matter to leach to the car park but some lawyers who were greeted with the harsh experience at about 8:00am Tuesday suspect a plumbing defect.

Court faeces
The source of the faeces that created a loathsome smell

By 1:00pm, authorities at the court had flushed the place with some water and detergent, which reduced the amount of stench but the faecal matter was still seeping through the chamber. The problem is yet to be fixed.

Private legal practitioner, Joe Debrah who experienced the situation told 3News lawyers senses and sensibilities have been assaulted, noting that the situation should not have arisen considering the fact that the building is new.

” It was terrible it was very bad,” he said.

The court complex was inaugurated in October last year by President John Mahama who charged the judiciary to its maintenance.

It houses the 10 land courts, 10 commercial courts, six criminal courts, six general jurisdiction court, three divorce and matrimonial courts, two financial and economic courts, two human rights courts, two labour courts and a Probate and Administration court.

It also has banking facilities cafeteria, 300- seater auditorium, library, a business centre and a media centre, press briefing room, executive office for the Attorney General and Police Prosecutor and a data centre among other facilities.

By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana

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