AfroFuture 2023: British rapper J Hus pulls out; Exciting replacement to be announced soon!

In a surprising twist of events, organizers of AfroFuture, one of the biggest music and arts festivals in Ghana, have announced that British rapper J Hus will no longer be part of the musical lineup for the upcoming 2023 event in Accra.

In a statement shared by the organizers of the festival attributed the decision as “unforeseen circumstances outside of our control.”

AfroFuture organizers remain ready despite the changes and they are committed to providing an unforgettable experience for fans and supporters attending the event in Accra this festive season.

To maintain the festival’s vibrant celebration of music and culture, organizers appeal to attendees to stay tuned for the announcement of an exciting replacement in the powerhouse musical lineup.

The organizers express gratitude for continued support and look forward to delivering a memorable event on Dec 28 – Dec 29, 2023, at the El Wak Sports stadium in Accra.

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