Big Wahala! Man digs out friend’s grave for failing to settle his debt worth over million dollar before dying

A man has done something unbelievable after storming the graveside of his friend who has passed on to dig out his corpse after facing financial crisis.

Per the narration accompanying the viral video, the man claims that he entered into a business deal with the deceased worth millions of dollars.

He continued that his friend cheated him of his share which was supposed to be 2 million dollars.

The angry man mentioned that he had been following him for his share money of the money till his death but he still refused to give him the money.

In a video sighted online, the young man visited the graveside of his friend holding a shovel and could be heard saying;

“Azaman, you get mind die with my 2 million dollars. Why you no die that time wey I dey suffer”

Watch the video below;

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