Shatta Wale’s new lover Maali subtly shades ex-lover Michy

Maali, the new girlfriend of controversial dancehall star Shatta Wale has thrown shade at her boyfriend’s ex-lover Michy as a bitter war threatens to explode all over social media.

Maali, who is currently dating Wale, decided to be petty and spark a war with Michy, her boyfriend’s baby mama.

Maali’s boyfriend Shatta Wale and Michy dated for over a decade and had a child but eventually, their relationship hit the rocks.

Michy, who literally ran away from Shatta Wale’s house, claimed he was abusive and she couldn’t bear being with him anymore.

Since they broke up, Shatta Wale has gone through series of dating and has now landed on Maali.

Maali apparently feels very secure in her position because she already started throwing shade.

Taking to social media, she claimed Shatta Michy is jealous of her current situation.

“Btches be mad at you cuz the ngga they love, love you,” Maali wrote.

Check out her post below;

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