Can we really attribute the recent killings by the youth to lavish lifestyles displayed in music videos?

In recent times, Kasoa has become a very scary and unsafe place to reside in. Teenagers murdering a child of 10years and Teens murdering more kids for money.

The recent crimes especially murder caused by minors in Kasoa to gain money, what we popular call Sakawa, may be due to the kind of things they watch on their screens.

Most people are attracted to music, and the youth is no exception to this. Such music is accompanied by music videos.

Seeing the music videos of some of their famous artistes and rappers, showing off their Porsche, Benz and other expensive cars, as well as their heavy gold chains and watches my influence these kids in one way or another.

As they watch they get attracted, they start to crave, start to yearn for it. They think of all sorts of ways to get it. These ideas are imbedded in their minds, it grows and produce thorns. Thorns enough to cause damage. They turn into monsters.

In the past it is almost unheard of to find children involved in solo crimes involving murder.If it does occur then they are accomplices to the adults involved.

Now Children are finding a shortcut to make it in life. These kids barely of legal age are in thirst for money and opulence.

Terrifyingly, toy cars have turned into Range Rovers. Their innocence robbed by the Media and how they interpret things viewed on there.

How do we bring back their innocence, once robbed forever gone?. How do we teach them differently. How do we turn the media to our advantage. How can we preach that hard work still pays.

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