Derek Chauvin has been found guilty for murdering George Floyd.

Derek Chauvin the police officer who had killed George while trying to arrest him, has been found guilty of Second degree unintentional murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter.

The incident which has occurred on the 25th of May 2020, was caught on camera as George Fyold kept telling this police officer he could not breathe.

All attempts and pleading fell on deaf ears and George Fyold has lost his life in the process.

This encouraged the Black lives movement as it became a worldwide concern.

Chauvin could face up to 40years second degree murder, 25years of third degree murder and 10years imprisonment for manslaughter.

Derek Chauvin Bail was revoked after jury found him guilty.

Derek Chauvin is to be handed his sentence in 8weeks time after being found guilty.

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