Collection of property rates goes cashless

The collection of property rates has been digitalized making it easier for Ghanaians to make payment.

The government has been blamed for failing to mobilize the much-needed revenue through property rates.

But effective January 2023, all property owners are expected to make payments for their properties through government’s cashless system through a collaborative effort between the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).

Ernest Adadeh, Head of Communications for the platform speaking on the initiative said: “Everyone can now go to the platform and pay the property rate. They should log onto their computer. It will take them to a landing page where they will see ‘register a property’. It is as simple as that. Immediately that is done, it will give them an opportunity to add other properties.”

“Everything is electronic so from 2023, no one is paying cash. It will be done using Mobile Money, bank cards or cheques. Paying cash is no longer accepted. It’s cashless”, he disclosed.

Observers have criticized the lack of action from the government on the collection and pegging of property rates.

In line with calls for reforms, government has disclosed that it was in the process of rolling out a new policy on property rates so that appropriate rates would be charged on every structure.

Property rate is a levy imposed on immovable property at a specified rate on the rateable value of a property.

The amount varies between specified areas of a district and in respect of property used for different purposes – commercial, residential or mixed-use and area classifications – first class, second class and third class.

It is an annual rate.