Nyantakyi Unveils the Process of Recovering Alleged $100k Bribe from Anas, Meant to Halt Documentary Release

Former Ghana Football Association (GFA) president Kwesi Nyantakyi has disclosed paying a notable $100,000 to Anas Aremeyaw Anas in a bid to prevent the release of the Number 12 documentary, which garnered negative attention towards him.

The documentary, led by Anas, revealed extensive corruption within Ghana’s football administration, showcasing Nyantakyi’s involvement in bribery and other misconduct captured on tape.

After resigning from his roles at the GFA, CAF, and FIFA in the wake of the documentary’s release, Nyantakyi claims that Anas demanded $150,000 through his legal representatives to suppress the damning footage. Despite Nyantakyi’s efforts to suppress the documentary, he could only procure $100,000, which he provided in an effort to prevent the damaging revelations from emerging. Nevertheless, the documentary was eventually released, leading to widespread criticism and his subsequent football ban.

In a recent interview on Onua TV, Nyantakyi recounted the events, stating, “Before the video was released, his lawyers reached out to me through his lawyer, a certain Kwame Gyan, a lecturer at Legon. I met him at his residence around Westland and gave them the money.”

He further added, “But they told me the amount was inadequate and later went ahead to release the video. After the video came out, I asked for a refund and even the refund was done in pieces. Today, they would bring $20,000, the next day another $10,000. They were giving me stories, but eventually I got everything back.”

Meanwhile, Nyantakyi has announced his candidacy for the Ejisu by-election under the NPP ticket, following the passing of John Kumah last month.

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