Dr. Olufunmilayo’s Advice: ‘If You Plan to Have Sex Tomorrow, Don’t Shave Today. Too Close. Too Risky.”

Valentine’s Day is almost here, a day to celebrate love. Some folks also see it as a day for intimacy, whether you’re married, dating, or just spontaneous.

Nigerian doctor Olufunmilayo shares advice, especially about shaving before intimate moments, focusing on safety.

In today’s talk, he says don’t shave right now; it’s too close to Valentine’s Day. If you shave and have sex tomorrow, tiny cuts could increase the risk of STDs and HIV, especially without protection.

But the advice doesn’t stop there. Since Valentine’s is on a weekday, some might wait for the weekend. For those planning a weekend Valentine’s, he strongly suggests shaving today to avoid risky surprises. Don’t wait until Friday morning; shaving late might cause tiny cuts and make it easy to catch an STD.


Shave today if your Valentine’s plans are for the weekend. Apply a red ribbon on Saturday and make it a personal delivery. But if your plan is for tomorrow, Dr. Olufunmilayo warns against shaving today—it’s too close and too risky. Somebody, take note!


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