Dr. Olufunmilayo’s Red Alert: No Sex Today! Even Emergency Contraception Won’t Shield You from High Fertility

Nigerian Doctor Olufunmilayo, following his recent advice on avoiding intimate shaving, urgently cautions women with a 28-day cycle to abstain from sex if their period started on February 1.
He emphasizes heightened fertility today, even suggesting that emergency contraception may not provide full protection. In his words: “If you have a regular monthly cycle of 28days and if your last period started on 1st February 2024;Pls do NOT have any sex today.You are extremely fertile today.

“Even IF you use emergency contraception, you have a really high chance of getting pregnant.Also if your last period started anytime between 28Jan and 4Feb, and if you also have regular 28day monthly cycles; pls do NOT have any sex today. You are very likely to ovulate today or have ovulated yesterday already- which means you are extremely fertile and the likelihood of getting pregnant is very high.”

Concerned about misconceptions, he warns against using substances like alum and ampiclox for pregnancy prevention. Highlighting the gravity, he says, “If you choose to engage in sex today, know that alum, Flagyl, Ampiclox, saltwater, Alabukun, 7Up, Sprite, and Andrew Liver Salt do NOT prevent pregnancy. Even rushing to the toilet won’t help if the ‘Bluetooth device’ has already paired.”

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