Exhibit professionalism during elections – Security agencies told

Police securityChairman of the National Peace Council, Reverend Professor Emmanuel Asante has urged the various security agencies to exhibit a high level of professionalism, especially during the November polls.

He said the security agencies should learn from the isolated pockets of violence that were recorded during the limited voter’s registration exercise and beef up security at the various polling stations for the November elections.

“The security services must be professional, I do not expect that people who are working in these areas can be apolitical.  It is not possible, we are all political animals,” Rev. Asante told 3FM.

He added: ” I vote and the fact that I vote means that  I have a political preference. But when it comes to working, it is important for us to be professional that we don’t allow our political preferences to inform the way we go about the things that we do.”

Rev. Asante  underscored the need to create a platform that will not cause people to want to react to certain situations during the elections.

He said everyone has a role to play in ensuring that peace prevails even after the elections, and underscored the need for tolerance and respect for different views to ensure peaceful co-existence.

“Because we’ve different political interest, religious interest , ethnic interest, there could be conflict but conflict must be managed in such a way that it doesn’t degenerate into violence,” he said.

“Can we disagree to agree, what is democracy?” he asked, adding  “whether you like it or not, is the tyranny of the majority, I call it tyranny of the majority because I mean majority views may not necessary be right, but once the majority have decided on an issue that is the case”.

Mercydalyne Lokko|3FM 92.7|3news.com

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