‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’: Prince Davids-Osei calls out hypocrite Ghanaians for celebrating abortion song but criticize Yvonne Nelson for sharing traumatic experience

Ghanaian actor, Prince Davids-Osei has condemned Ghanaians for their hypocrisy and double standards when it comes to issues of abortion and personal experiences.

He specifically referred to the recent revelation by actress Yvonne Nelson in her memoir, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” in which she shared her traumatic experience of having an abortion after being impregnated by Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie in 2010.

In his social media post, Davids-Osei highlighted the fact that a song celebrating a man convincing a woman to have an abortion has been widely celebrated, while a woman sharing her own experience with abortion has been met with criticism and backlash.

He expressed concern over this unending double standard and called for a more compassionate and understanding society.

“Dear Ghana, I wanted to share something that has been weighing on my mind lately. As some of you may know, our country can be a funny place and sometimes it can be hard to understand the rules that govern our society.

“Recently, there has been a lot of attention focused on the issue of “I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON” Book“ABORTION” and it has highlighted some of the hypocrisy that exists in our country,” he wrote in a tweet on Friday, June 23.

The song cited by Davids-Osei, released some years back, is one in which the award-winning rapper allegedly confirmed having sexual intercourse with the thespian and made her abort it without paying a dime.

However, some Ghanaians have argued that the song is just entertainment and should not be taken seriously.

But criticized Yvonne Nelson for sharing her experience publicly, with many stating that it is a private matter that should not be discussed in the public domain.

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