Upcoming musicians must build their brand before seeking record label deals – George Britton advises

In today's music industry, aspiring musicians often dream of securing a record label deal to propel their careers to new heights.

However, Ghanaian entertainment industry personality, George Britton has recently come forward with some valuable advice for young and talented musicians.

Britton, who is also the artist manager for Camidoh, a 2023 BET nominee, urges aspiring artists to focus on building their brand and putting in the necessary work before seeking a record label deal.

His insight challenges the prevailing mindset in Ghana, where many up-and-coming musicians eagerly await the support of established labels.

Traditionally, record labels played a significant role in discovering, nurturing, and promoting emerging artists. However, the dynamics of the music industry have evolved in recent years.

George Britton emphasizes that record labels no longer have the same level of involvement in developing artists from scratch. Instead, they often prefer to work with musicians who have already laid a solid foundation for their careers.

In Ghana's music scene, it is common for aspiring artists to anxiously wait for a prominent record label to take them under their wing. Many artists believe that a label's support will be the catalyst for their success.

However, Mr Britton warns against this approach, stating that chasing after record labels can be counterproductive. Rather than solely relying on external entities, he encourages young musicians to focus on self-development and take consistent steps toward building their brands.

According to George Britton, the key to long-term success lies in an artist's ability to establish themselves before seeking a record label deal. By dedicating time and effort to honing their craft, creating quality music, and cultivating a strong online presence, musicians can attract the attention of labels organically. This approach empowers artists to showcase their talent and potential, making them more appealing to industry professionals when the time comes.

Britton's advice highlights the importance of artists taking ownership of their careers. Rather than passively waiting for a record label deal, he encourages musicians to make daily progress on their journey.

By staying proactive, artists can improve their skills, build a dedicated fan base, and generate buzz around their work. Record labels, in this context, are seen as partners who can amplify an artist's existing momentum rather than the sole architects of their success.

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