“I married at 18years” Nollywood Actress Omotola

Veteran Nigerian Actress Omotola in an interview with BBC Yoruba discloses she married at the age of 18years because she was ready.

She stated that at 18years she had already made all her millions because she started working since the age of 15years.

Actress Omotola Jalade stated that, at age 18 she was very responsible, after losing her Dad and had to be a mother to her younger siblings.

She advises that not everyone can marry at that age. She was ready that is why she did. You cannot follow her footsteps if you are not ready. Hence “are you ready” is the first question one should ask him or herself.

“you have to apply wisdom and common in everything” she says. She discloses she was already a millionaire and was not going to be a burden on her husband when they got married.

“Being mature and financially prepared is what made me ready for marriage” she says and she informs that, if any of her children at any age feel they are ready as well she will give them her blessing

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