‘I was misused’ – IPP’s Kofi Akpaloo reveals


Flag-bearer for the Independent People’s Party [IPP], Kofi Akpaloo has revealed his parents ‘misused’ him when he was growing up as a child; something he said affected his life.

“As a child, I was misused and don’t think that our children should face the same treatment,” he said on 3FM’s Election Zone but did not give details on how he was misused by his parents.

Election Zone aims at providing a platform for election information and shaping up the electorate for decision making in the upcoming general elections on November 7, 2016.

According to Mr Akpaloo, he remembered complaining to his parents at a point about how they were musing him, which he said affected him as he grew up.

Speaking on the issue of child hawking on the streets of Accra and other parts of the country, Mr Akpaloo urged the government to address the menace, which he says affects the lives of the children.

Mr Akpaloo was not pleased that thousands of Ghanaian youth who are supposed to be in school to get a strong educational foundation roam the streets daily in a bid to earn a living.

The IPP last week said it will pay persons below 18 years of age and unemployed young Ghanaians GH¢600 and GH¢1,200 respectively under an IPP government every year.

On the chances of his party, Mr Akpaloo said he was optimistic of winning the 2016 elections to bring transformation to the country.

“It is disturbing that over the years, successive governments have not been able to secure an efficient system for youth development. The IPP will bring real hope to the youth of this country,” Mr Akploo said.

Commenting on the forthcoming concession of the Electricity Company of Ghana Mr Akpaloo said it was important to open up the power distribution market and invite more players, which will bring competition and efficiency.

He noted that an IPP government would make Information Technology and generation of power domestically an integral part of its administration.

By Gideon Sackitey| 3news.com| Ghana

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