I’m fathering a child I know it’s not mine – Salinko exposes ex-lover after DNA

Renowned Kumawood actor, Abraham Kofi Davies well-known as Salinko has disclosed that he has taken the responsibility of fathering a child he knows is not his since he presently doesn’t have the means to do a DNA test.

Speaking in a recent interview with Emelia Brobbey on Okukuseku, the comic actor explained that he has found himself in such a situation because his ex-girlfriend wasn’t truthful with him about the paternity of the pregnancy and took full responsibility for it.

He mentioned that he was initially excited about the news of being a father since they lost their first pregnancy.

So to make things easier for her in the second pregnancy, he brought the lady to stay at his plush house in Kumasi while he worked in Accra.

However, just four months after his partner gave birth, the truth emerged that the latter was dating two men when he received a distressing call while working in Accra about a man who had stormed his house, accusing him of snatching his woman and child.

The comic actor said he instructed his girlfriend to vacate his house while he returned to Accra to address the situation. To his surprise, the accuser turned out to be a colleague Kumawood actor.

With the development, he demanded an explanation from his ex-girlfriend, who, in the presence of her family, confessed to double dating.

“After I sent her packing, she brought in her father to apologise on her behalf. I told them I am already attached to the child so I will continue taking care until he grows and I can afford a DNA. But deep down, we all know I am not the father,” Salinko revealed in an interview on Adom TV‘s Okukuseku.

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